Skype Attends BlackBerry 10 Jam Session In California!

With the Blackberry 10 Jam Tour going on in Santa Clara, California Mikel Calderon, a developer let us know that someone from Skype was in attendance to the Jam Session. The Skype developer gave us some insight with, “We’re always looking to expand to other platforms” so it seem we will have Skype sooner than expected!!

RIM and Microsoft have had a partnership in the past when it came to the implementation of using BES and Microsoft Office 365, within Blackberry Cloud Messaging Services, so it only makes sense with the new Blackberry OS 2.1 that includes APIs for the native Camera application that would only make sense that Skype will be included into Blackberry OS 10! Let us know what you think of this news of Skype on your Playbook that could be a reality very soon. Remember we seen during the first announcement of the Blackberry Playbook, that Skype was indeed in the app store. Now that  Skype has been acquired by Microsoft for a 8.5 billion, and the tablet markets booming. It only makes sense that tablet allow a video conferencing application that is cross platform for users all across the world. Because Skype is already available for desktop/laptop use it will be a great add-on to tablets, especially the Blackberry Playbook or Blackberry 10 devices!