Seidio Innocell 3000mAh Super Extended Life Battery for BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Now Available!

Last week we let you know that Seidio had posted on their website that they we getting ready to carry a monstrous 3000mAh  super extended life battery for Blackberry Bold 9900/9930. Well the great news is I just got off the phone with our rep and he let me know that the battery is ready for purchase! Like we said in our post last week the only issue that I am currently aware of is the fact that this battery does not support NFC. We will have a full review on this battery posted over the weekend as I am picking it up today from Seidio’s Headquarters!! Hit the break for more!

Seidio’s Extended Life Batteries utilize premium Japanese cells to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance. Super Extended Life Batteries can offer up to 100% more battery life than your stock battery.*

  • Comes with a black replacement door featuring Seidio’s signature soft touch coating
  • Keeps your phone charged and ready to go, even with heavy phone and data usage
  • Capacity: 3000mAh

* All battery life claims are dependent upon usage patterns, network configuration and many other factors; actual results will vary.

Be sure you keep it locked to just when these Batterys will be release we might just give a few away!!!

Checkout Innocell 3000mAh Super Extended Life Battery from Seidio for only $69.95