BlackBerry Jam World Tour Heads to New York and Toronto Next Week

RIM just sent us the following information on the BlackBerry Jam World Tour heading to  New York and Toronto Next Week. Here is what they had to say: The BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour comes to New York and Toronto the week of June 18th to give developers the opportunity to learn more about the unique capabilities of the BlackBerry 10 platform and become some of the first to develop for the new platform. Both cities are fully booked with more than 250 developers registering for each event.

Earlier this month, developers immersed themselves in the BlackBerry 10 platform during the BlackBerry Jam World Tour’s first two North American stops. With the opportunity to collaborate with BlackBerry experts and learn more about the BlackBerry 10 tools for native and web development, developers attending the Santa Clara and Austin Jam events join the growing community of developers who are amongst the first to develop for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Developers are discovering the power of BlackBerry 10 and embracing the strength and openness of the platform.  Here’s what developers are saying coming out of the BlackBerry Jam events:

“With BlackBerry 10, RIM is providing developers with a wider selection of first-party tools than any other mobile platform available and is evolving them based on developers’ direct input. The result is that RIM is delivering high-quality tools which meet developers’ actual needs, enabling us to focus on what we do best instead of fighting with our tools.”

“BlackBerry more than ever before is invested in developers. The tools are better than ever before, the support is there as well. I’m very excited for the future of BlackBerry.”

“I’ve seen without a doubt that RIM knows what they are doing and they are empowering their developers by providing all the right tools. It was encouraging seeing the BlackBerry team readily and openly answering questions of the crowd at a recent event and candidly making themselves available to developers. When a developer asked when to expect the BlackBerry 10 tools to be ready, the reply came, ‘It will be ready when you tell us its ready.’”

“With BlackBerry 10 and its suite of developer tools, RIM enables a wide array of developers, ranging from web programmers to C/C++ hackers, to rapidly build fast, secure, and graphics-rich mobile apps. Impressive tool kit and an engaging user experience!”

BlackBerry Jam By The Numbers:

  • 23 BlackBerry Jam Cities in 12 Weeks
  • Over 5,000 Developer Attendees Anticipated Worldwide
  • Over 5,000 BlackBerry Dev Alpha test devices seeded
  • Over 300 apps to be presented as lightning pitches (whereby select registrants pitch their apps to fellow attendees. Attendees vote for a winner)
  • Fully booked events in Paris, London, Jakarta, Barcelona, Berlin, Toronto, New York, Santa Clara and Bangalore

If interested, we’re happy to arrange for you to speak with BlackBerry developers to learn more about their experience developing for BlackBerry 10. We can also connect you with a RIM executive for further insight into RIM’s work with the developer community. More information is available at the BlackBerry Jam World Tour site.