How To: Upload Videos To YouTube Directly Using Your BlackBerry PlayBook

My BlackBerry Playbook is an amazing device! It is my central media device connected and paired to all others. One of the great features of the Playbook is the ability to upload YouTube videos from the device directly to your YouTube account, what better way than with the Powerful, Portable, Playbook? Hit the jump to find out how!

What a convenient feature to have instead of having to waste time to load the videos to your computer and then upload to YouTube; why not skip the middle man and upload them directly to YouTube from your PlayBook. Our friends over a BBE have put together a nice tutorial on how to do so.  To do this you need to follow just a few easy steps:

  • First, record a video from your Blackberry PlayBook and remember you can change the video quality
  • Open the YouTube application that comes preloaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Select the icon that looks like an arrow pointing up
  • Select a video from your video directly, and fill in the description information
  • Watch as it uploads
So if you haven’t checked out this feature, well I guess now it’s that time! So let’s be BlackBerry People. Happy uploading!
  • jm

    I have been trying this for about 2 hours and it won’t work, it keeps saying the file is rejected