Nintendo 64 Emulator (Mupen64Plus-PB) Now Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Well well well look what the cat has drug in… It is a Ninrendo 64 emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook! The Nintendo 64 Emulator is called Mupen64Plus-PB for the BlackBerry PlayBook and it is in the beta stages from what we are hearing, but it does run.

You can grab the .bar file below and sideload it to your BlackBerry PlayBook. When it comes time to get the games however you are on your own… Also if you attempt to sideload this .bar file we can not be held responsible for it messing something up… Let us know what you think about the emulator in the comments!



Mupen64Plus for Touchpad: Here

Mupen64Plus-PB: Here