What happens to your Dev Alpha When BB 10 Launches?

For those of you who were lucky enough to get your hands on the Dev Alpha device that RIM was giving out at BB 10 Jam, there has always been that burning question in your mind about what would happen to the device when BB 10 went live.  We now have that answer for you. Hit the break for the details. When the Dev Alpha was released RIM made no clear indication of what the lifetime of the phone would be or if it would even function after BB 10 dropped.  Unfortunately, the phone will brick itself when BB 10 launches.  RIM has put this in place to entice the devs to return the devices back to RIM.  If you return your Dev Alpha to RIM after it bricks itself you will be able to trade for a BlackBerry London.  There is one glaring requirement to be able to get the London. You have to submit an app for BB 10 to App World and it HAS to be accepted in order to qualify.

If that doesn’t get your creative juices flowing I don’t know what will.  So if you haven’t submitted the app yet you should get on that so you can rock a new BlackBerry London when they arrive.