BlackBerry OS Most Profitable on the Market Confirmed by Vison Mobile

RIM has been saying for some time that they are the most profitable platform for developers, today that statement was backed up by Vision Mobile’s independent research. The average monthly revenue from a BlackBerry app is $3,853, compared to $2,735 for Android and $3,693 for iOS.Vision estimates that 50% or more of BlackBerry developers make less that $500 a month off of their apps compared to 37% of iOS developers.   This is a bit disheartening but rolls directly to their next point that they make.

The BlackBerry platform is cheaper and more cost effective to develop on compared to the other mobile platforms.  BlackBerry Apps typically take $15,181 to bring to market as compared to $27,463 in iOS and $22,637 in Android respectively.

With this being said it is somewhat shocking to see that 41% of cross platform devs will be leaving BlackBerry especially with BB 10 on the rise.