RIM Splitting Company Dismissed as a “Silly Fantasy” Sources Say!

With Blackberry news starting the day off of a rumor that RIM would be splitting the Company into two divisions. Not to mention a follow up by RIM stating that they will execute a plan to turn the company around], now from the Globe and Mail a RIM correspondent Ian Marlow has mention that from several sources that RIM:

dismissed the news as “a silly fantasy,” and “one of the most ridiculous ideas I have heard in a while.”

Also he goes on to say that two former RIM executives:

…top managers do not currently take the idea seriously, and one said that “splitting the two would accomplish nothing.” According to one of these people, RIM’s current CEO Thorsten Heins remains committed to the idea of RIM as an integrated company and RIM co-founder and vice-chairman Mike Lazaridis doesn’t believe the idea of breaking apart the company would work either.

This news doesn’t comply with the likelihood of what RIM stands for nor the basis for the future success of the company. Martyn Mallick, vice-president of global alliances and business Development at Research in Motion, is optimistic of RIM and the future of RIM. He is looking forward to BB10 and the positiveness that it can bring. From a media standpoint and the thought on everyones mind of RIM demise to rebuilding.

“They love carnage, but they love a comeback story even more.”