Review: iShieldz Screen Protector For PlayBook

Most PlayBook users have either purchased a screen protector for their PlayBook or are in the market for a screen protector.  There are may different options that are available for users when it comes to these protectors, between the static cling units and the adhesive variety, personally I prefer the adhesive versions.

In the past when it comes to screen protectors I have used the Zagg InvisbleShields and have had exceptional luck with their product, but wanted to branch out to other offerings and see what other options were out there.   After searching for a few days and checking reviews I settled on the iShieldz product, ordered it and waited for it to arrive in the mail.

The iShieldz is made out of the same material that the Zagg product as well as other countless products are.  It is made from military grade film used to protect helicopter blades in the military.

I received the product and made sure to look at the supplies that were included in the packaging.  The only difference between the Zagg product and the iShieldz is that the spray packaged with the iShieldz product is that it is alcohol based instead of just water.  Personally I think this works better because it allows for quicker evaporation/dispersion of the application spray.

As for the product itself application was a breeze, with the alcohol as the application spray it allowed for easier application.  The screen protector itself is quite a bit thinner than I expected which eliminates the edge that would accompany a thicker screen protector.   The only down side that I have seen to this screen protector is that the edges of protector do not extend all the way to the edge of the screen leaving a small amount of unprotected screen.   This is resolved when you include a case with the PlayBook.  I have used the convertible case with the screen protector and there are no issues with exposed screen with the case.

Overall, this is a great bang for your buck and costs about same as the Zagg alternative that is available.  The iSheildz screen protector retails for 29.97.   All though you can find them at other retailers for less than that. Visit for more info!