BlackBerry 10 Will Have BBM Video Chat!

RIM just finished up their Annual General Meetingof Shareholders today, and not much new information came to light except….. A new feature in BlackBerry 10 will include BBM Video Chat! This was confirmed by RIM’s CEO, Thorsten Heins During the Q&A portion of the AGM.

The questions that was ask to Heins was basically how does RIM plan on upgrading BBM to be more into the social networking landscape? His answer “BBM is a very strong platform… we are upgrading it into a new experience, think about getting features on BB10 such as video chat for example within BBM. There’s many other features to come with BB10…”

We already saw some leaked slides that show of what BBM could look like in BlackBerry 10, but there was no mention of video chat so it seems as though those slides may have been a bit out dated. What do you think about having video chat built into BBM?