NY Gov. Cuomo Only Uses BlackBerry Pin-to-Pin Messages to Communicate with Staff!

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo only communicates with his staff using secure Blackberry PIN to PIN messages, never email! He refuses to communicate using the standard email services on his Blackberry to communicate to his peers by passing data and email servers. Being the only secure device allowed by government official Cuomo is using his Blackberry to ensure there is no paper tail left behind.

Cuomo’s staff use Blackberry PIN to PIN messages to communicate when they cannot talk to one another on the phone. Only members of Cuomos inner circle know his PIN. All other types of messaging services sent over data can be recovered even when deleted from a device but using PIN messages however are removed completely once they are deleted. These message can later be use to subject a subpoena by ethics investigators,  prosecutors and possibly members of the Legislature in the event of a breech.

Cuomo earlier this year promised to have the most open and transparent administration in  state history although did not tell the former official the reason to use PIN  communication, but the reasoning is clear, the source said.

“It doesn’t have a paper trail,” the official said. “If he gets a new phone,  he gets a new PIN, even if he has the same phone number. Every phone has a  specific PIN.”

“If you want to exclude folks from having it, you get a new phone and  distribute the PIN to a smaller or different group,” the official added.

A source stated that the purpose of Cuomo’s PIN  usage dates back to when he “was attorney general and he saw what happens when emails you think were gone suddenly are recovered during investigations — not to suggest anything is going  on or anyone has done anything wrong.”

Cuomo isn’t the only politician to use PIN-to-PIN messaging. Hillary Clinton’s Senate team has been known to do the same thing. Not to mention President Barack Obama uses a Blackberry Smartphone.

Governor Cuomo recently implemented a new means of record retention policy for the office. While most emails and PIN messages remain “suitable for immediate  destruction,” any attachments or messages that are considered records “should be  maintained in appropriate electronic or paper files,” under the policy.


What do you think of Governor Cuomo using PIN to PIN messaging on his Blackberry?