Advance OS and LED Updated to v14.5

Advance OS and LED By Sultan Al Sooz has been updated in App World to v14.5. This update included a ton of new features and fixes. Advance OS and LED is completely free in App World for all to use! Hit the break to check out the full change log!

Change Log:

  • Added (combined) Ringtones feature inside the LED Light feature, with the following changes:
  • Added the ability to control phone calls ringtones like never before (2 different ringtones for known and unknown contacts).
  • Added RingTones for BBM,Email,SMS,Incoming & Missed calls for INDIVIDUAL contacts and related Applications.
  • Added Call End sound (guarantee to play sound after call end).
  • Added Missed Call sound for all calls (or can be customized per individual).
  • Added Network and Battery status sounds and vibrations.
  • Added a ringtone recorder & player from within the ringtone selection screen.
  • Added new ability to create different notifications (Call,SMS,Mail,BBM) for the same contact.
  • Renamed LED Light feature to “LED & Ringtones” feature with new layout
  • LED Contacts are sorted alphabatically.
  • Changed App’s Core engine for battery and performance enhancements (better LED and Popups Response).
  • Battery notifications moved from Sound profiles to ‘LED & Ringtones’ feature.
  • Fixed “call lock screen” sometimes showing before call connect and after call end.
  • Fixed BBM FAQs answers not showing all text.
  • Fixed Issue with ‘Contacts Manager’ feature not removing extra contact lists.

Head on over to AppWorld for the update.