Box Blasters From JaredCo, New Physics Game

Box Blasters has an Angry Bird like vibe, but there are no animals this time. Boxes are the main feature. Blast the boxes off the platform to get to the next level. There is even a trial version. If you like it, upgrade to the paid version. It’s only 99 cents so you won’t be breaking the bank.

Game Description:

It’s fun, it’s challenging, and you never get tired of blasting those wooden boxes with your trusty slingshot with Box Blaster from JaredCo – your favorite BlackBerry app developer.

Free version includes the first 3 levels. You can upgrade to unlock the rest.

Whether you’re waiting for the next train or just looking for some BlackBerry fun, Box Blaster launches you to box-knocking stardom as you improve with each game.

• Box Blaster is ideal for kids, parents and grandparents. In fact, it’s the perfect pastime for anyone.

• Kids develop eye-hand coordination using Box Blaster to knock ‘em down. In fact, play along with your child to see who’s best at knocking down those wooden crates.

• Older players keep their minds sharp as they calculate arc, speed and knock-down strategies to get all boxes off those platforms. Endless fun that sharpens the mind and tickles the funny bone.

• 18 different levels of difficulty ensure that the fun never stops. With each level, the challenges become more and more difficult, and more and more fun.

• Learn the “how-to” of Box Blaster in seconds. Simple. Knock down the boxes by aiming your slingshot. How easy is that?

• Choose your playing level as you open each of the 18 levels, earning more play time for younger players and friends new to this addictive game. Think you can open all 18 levels? Well, it’s fun to try.

• Play against the clock to earn valuable time bonuses. The faster you blast ‘em, the more you score. Improve your times for each level.

• Open a new level only after you’ve blasted all the boxes in the previous level, so there’s always a new challenge waiting, for hours of fun.

• Play as long as you want. Box Blaster isn’t a power hog like some other smart phone game apps.

• Sync up happens on download. Just click download, wait for the icon to appear on your BlackBerry screen and start knocking those blocks with your slingshot.

Free download with the first 3 levels at Blackberry App World.
99 cents for the paid version.