RIM may have a fighting chance on AT&T

Everyone has said that RIM’s future is looking slim especially with North American customer/carriers.  This may change if the rumors that are coming out of the AT&T camp are true. There are rumors that AT&T is ordering its retail staff to sell anything but iPhones.   Specifically, they are to sway customers towards Android and Window phones so they can “make an informed” decision.   Personally I don’t see how pushing customers towards a specific device is making an informed decision.

With the sales staff no longer focusing on pushing the iPhones off of the shelves there may be a chance for someone to walk in and actually get the chance to try a BlackBerry and see if the device fits their needs.

In addition to this it could be a ploy to ramp up for the release of the iPhone 5 that is rumored to be released in the near future.