Cellular Country: BlackBerry 7520 Starts Buying Frenzy?!?!?!

As i was going through my emails this morning I came across the below PR stating that the BlackBerry 7520 has started a buying frenzy. I was blown away and thought this had to be a joke… Well it was not the BlackBerry 7520 is being sold by Cellular Country for only $103.99. I am really confused by this and how it is even possible…

According to Cellular Country, the BlackBerry 7520 in its lineup has started a buying frenzy.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) August 02, 2012 According to Cellular Country, the BlackBerry 7520 in its lineup has started a buying frenzy. The buying frenzy started as soon as the company announced its BlackBerry sale. The BlackBerry sale started last Friday July 27, 2012 and will continue on till August 15, 2012.

The BlackBerry sale slashes more than 50% off of Cellular Country’s BlackBerry phones. The 7520 BlackBerry has attracted the most attention because of its affordable price of $103.99. On top of its affordable price the 7520 BlackBerry cell phone has practical features for everyday users.

The 7520 has all of the features that endeared customers to the BlackBerry brand. This phone allows users to easily access and browse: the Internet, send and receive emails, use instant messages, and organize different applications. The features of the 7520 allow users to organize their busy schedule.

The built-in push-to-talk technology lets users access the call and text features of this phone with a push of a button. The trademark QWERTY keyboard of the 7520 allows users to easily create messages and emails. Other noteworthy features of this cell phone include: Bluetooth, PC sync, USB, WAP, GPS, voice memo, and to-do list. Although this BlackBerry cell phone lacks a camera it more than makes up for it with its practical and easy to use features.

It is no surprise that the 7520 came off the shelf as fast as it did during Cellular Country’s ongoing sale. The bevy of features and applications has attracted customers in droves. The low price has also helped this model achieve its status.

Cellular Country also offers other models from BlackBerry. The BlackBerry cell phones during Cellular Country’s sale costs $19.99 to $221.99. Customers can choose from the wide variety of models that are on sale. Cellular Country is seeking to improve its status as a premier cell phone retailer through its BlackBerry sale.

Cellular Country is a used cell phone retailer that offers affordable cell phones for all kinds of customers. Visit their website http://www.cellularcountry.com for more information.

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Thanks Dave for sending this one in.