Scribbles! for PlayBook Updated to v3.1.4

Scribbles for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v3.1.3.1 in App World. This is a small update so one can assume the it is mainly bug fixes and nothing more at this time. SCRIBBLES! is formally know as Doodle Blast and offers a highly addictive game experience on the PlayBook.

Meet the Scribbles!

  • Great, fun physics puzzle with doodle theme.
  • Draw lines to guide the Scribbles into the Box.
  • You have limited ink on each level – use it wisely.
  • There are 90 awesome levels in total and we’re working hard to bring you more!
  • Each level has its’ own background story. Laugh out loud when you’ll see some of those.
  • Obstacles can move around and make a level more challenging.
  • Be careful – the Scribbles can be crushed when they get stuck between moving obstacles.

Enjoy great puzzles, realistic physics, funny, friendly Scribbles. You’re gonna love them :)

Head on over to App World for the update.

  • wrobel221

    Wrong. If you check release notes it states that there’s a secret thing to reveal. Try it yourself.