Samsung responds yet again that they have non interest in buying or licensing BlackBerry

This should really come as no surprise, but Samsung has come out and officially made statements regarding the rumors of them looking into a partnership with RIM.  Yesterday there was yet another analyst report that mentioned that Samsung was the only hope left for RIM and the BlackBerry brand, whether it be from a buy-out or a licensing agreement.

Samsung followed today with a statement made to Reuters that they have interest in getting involved with Rim and the BlackBerry brand.  RIM stock saw a lift after the speculation and rumors hit yesterday, so we are assuming that the stock will see another drop now that Samsung has denied any interest in RIM.

“RIM has already lost its initiative in the smartphone market and what is left doesn’t look really attractive to the likes of Samsung,” said Lee Sei-cheol, an analyst at Meritz Securities. “Should they have a deep patent pool, that might be the most appealing asset to potential acquirers.”

While most analysts and insiders are writing RIM and BlackBerry off, we still believe that they have a chance to turn things around if BlackBerry 10 turns out to be everything they are touting.  Only time will tell at this point and please share your thoughts with us in the comments.