Starbucks Mobile Card App for BlackBerry Being Discontinued as of August 28th

Way back on October 3, 2011 Starbucks announced that they were ending support for BlackBerry device stating:  Starbucks Card Mobile for BlackBerry App is no longer available for new downloads. Thanks for your interest in Starbucks CardMobile for BlackBerry. We’re currently evaluating support for the BlackBerry platform and will no longer be offering our current application to new users.

 If you’ve previously downloaded Starbucks Card Mobile for your BlackBerry, you can still use the app in our 6,800 company-opperated Starbucks Stores, 1,000 Target locations, and roughly 1,000 Safeway locations.”
Now for those of you that have downloaded the application as of August 28th you will not be able to use it… This has been confirmed in an email sent out to current users of the app. The email tells you to go to a Starbucks location to have their balance transferred to a plastic card before the 28th.
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    This is old news, but I do find it rediculous that StarBucks would stop supporting BlackBerry despite the FACT many BB owners go to StarBucks.
    They better stop this nonesense and support the BlackBerry 10 platform. It is the best Mobile Platform ever released to date with the best Security and backed by pure out of the box innovation, performance and speed.