Will BlackBerry 10 signal the death of BIS/BES requirements for new devices?

Shortly after BlackBerry World in May, we got some word from a source that BlackBerry 10 devices would no longer access the BlackBerry servers in the current manner.  We were unable to verify this rumor, but it did make sense with what we were seeing with the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, as well we what we were hearing from some sources on the carrier side of things.  Today BGR wrote a post that basically comes to the same conclusions that we did back in May and June.  Hit the break to read what I had written back then, and please let us know what you think about this topic in the comments.

Here is what I wrote up back in May/June, and I was unfortunately not able to get enough verification from sources to publish at that time.

We have already seen the code-names for upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices, and developers were also able to get some of the System Apps and PlayBook apps running.  There is also the ability to side-load Android apps onto the device, much like what we have seen on the PlayBook.  However there is little thing that has really caught our eye.

The developers that were given the device were also given an AT&T microSIM that is to be used for data while testing the device and the apps they are creating.  Now what is really interesting is that if you look at the connection to the network this SIM provides you will notice that it is not connecting to a BlackBerry data plan, something that is unheard of.

Current in market BlackBerry devices require a specific data connection to be able to perform a majority of their digital tasks.  Consumers will be familiar with having a BIS plan, where as enterprise customers are connected to a BES service.  This means that the device is connecting the RIM NOC and servers to conduct its business.  Without either one of these plans our beloved BBM will not function.

So if the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device does not require to be connected to a BlackBerry data plan, does that in turn mean that BlackBerry 10 devices won’t either? We have reached out to some of our sources and we have received confirmation that it appears that BB10 devices will be able to operate on a regular data connection, and will no longer be tied down to a BIS or BES account.  With this in mind the introduction of the BlackBerry Fusion software, which allows non-BlackBerry devices to be tied to a BES server, becomes very interesting indeed.

At first glance we assumed that the introduction of Fusion was merely RIM trying to appease their BES administrators that were dealing with users that were wishing to move away from BlackBerry’s at work.  However with this news in hand I am more in favor of believing it was RIM getting ready for BlackBerry 10 and the move away form BIS/BES accounts.  With 75 million users worldwide they of course had to develop a way in which current devices would not be cut off, but at the same time make some amendment that would allow for BB10 devices to connect to the same servers.

While this is still all rumor at this point, there are a lot of things pointing towards it being true.  Of course we will be researching this somemore and seeing what we can find, as this is a major development in the next generation of BlackBerry devices.

BGR did reach out to RIM to see what they had to say about this theory and here is their official statement,

RIM does not normally comment on rumours and speculation. As we announced at BlackBerry World, BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.4 will be available later this year and we will continue to maintain BlackBerry Enterprise Server well into the future. Research In Motion is a leader in enterprise mobile solutions and we are committed to continuing to innovate solutions that fulfill our customers’ requirements.

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  • Jeremy

    i have seen and played with the device and BES is done…or re branded into Fusion Endpoint Management…not sure if this name will be the final name…we’ll let the marketing people sort that out…Note i was not overly impressed with BB10…