New Program At TELUS Allows You To Make Payments For Your Tablet

If you were unsure about buying the upcoming Playbook 4G LTE because you didn’t like the price, then you will like the new repayment program. TELUS gives you the option of signing onto a 1 or 2 year term and then making small monthly payments to pay off your balance.
Here are the details:

When purchasing a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tablet or Blackberry 4G LTE Playbook, customers can now pay a lower up-front price and the remaining balance owing is spread out into convenient $20 payments to be made on a monthly basis for the duration of the term they signed up for. For example, if a customer purchases the Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tablet, instead of purchasing the device at $649.99 month to month, they can choose to sign a 2 year term at $169.99 and then spread out the remaining balance of into $20 payments over the 2 year term. The Easy Tablet Repayment of $20 shows up as a separate line item on the customer’s bill and will automatically stop charging once the balance has been paid.

This new program is available for 1 or 2 year terms for existing TELUS mobility customers. Customers can access this great new way to pay at TELUS corporate stores or participating dealer locations.