Update:RIM states that BES 10 will be backward compatible for older BlackBerry devices

**Update: It seems that BGR has received confirmation from RIM that BES administrators will need to have BES 5 and BES 10 running in parallel for existing in-market BlackBerry 7 devices and new BlackBerry 10 devices to run on the same servers. This goes a little against what RIM stated early today. At this point BGR’s reports matches up best with what we have heard, but at this point I think everyone is a little confused.**

Yesterday we brought you a theory that BlackBerry 10 devices may not require traditional BIS/BES connectivity to operate the core BlackBerry functions.  RIM has reached out to CIO’s Al Sacco to clarify the whole situation, and have made it clear that BES 10 will be backward compatible with existing in market BlackBerry devices.

RIM’s Senior PR Manager Gene Nakonechny made the following statement to Al,

“RIM is developing BES 10, which will support existing BlackBerry devices, including the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and new devices running on the BlackBerry 10 platform.  BES 10 will be the ultimate management solution for all BlackBerry platform devices, as well as iOS and Android devices.  BES 10 will launch simultaneously with the first BlackBerry 10 devices in Q1 calendar 2013.

For existing BES customers, RIM will provide an upgrade to BES 10 in order to ensure that our enterprise customers have the most up-to-date technology available to manage their devices.”

It is great to see RIM reaching out to reporters, but this statement does not make it clear whether not BB10 devices require the traditional BIS/BES connectivity.  By the way they have worded this official statement I am still under the impression that they will not, but that is just a gut feeling on my part.  Hopefully we will get some more concise and clear statements from RIM regarding the way in which BES 10 handles both in market and new BlackBerry devices.