How To: Recent Contact Management Retention on Blackberry OS 7.1

RIM has just posted a new knowledge base article KB32484 on how you can use the new Recent Contact Management Retention feature to help you when writing messages on your Blackberry Smartphone. Hit the break for more info.

In order for a recent contact to expire from the list it will need to match the following criteria:

  1. If the last time the contact was used (sent or received a message with this contact) exceeds 30 days.
  2. The average use (number of times per day) of a contact has dropped below 1.

Recent Contact Manager will only allow for the device to maintain a maximum of 250 contacts.

Single contacts in the Recent Contact Manager can be deleted by highlighting the name and hitting the delete key or clicking the menu button and choosing “Delete”.

You can also clear the entire list by clicking the menu button and choosing “Clear List”.