A Video Look at Emblm by Smart Casing Battery Door for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930


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Ever since we first started talking about Emblm by Smart Casing, I just knew I had to get one in our hands for review! Emblm was kind enough to send us a prototype of their custom battery door for the Bold 9900/9930. Now as you can see in the video above as well as the photos below the battery door that Emblm uses is actually an OEM door! Let me clarify this prototype battery door is OEM, so you are probably wondering why we are calling it a prototype. Well the door itself is an OEM BlackBerry door with NFC built in, however because of the coating’s used to make this fantastic custom door look awesome it blocks the NFC antenna. I have been speaking with the CEO of Emblm Pranav Sood on this matter, he tells me that once the $50,000 is raised through Indiegogo.com/emblm the company will start looking at how to get the NFC fully functional.

Let’s talk about the custom battery door and my first impressions (please keep in mind this is a prototype):

When I opened the package the door was shipped in I was blown away by the way it was packaged. The custom battery door even had custom packaging, needless to say there is no worries about the battery door being damaged on the trip to your front door. After unpacking the door I proceeded to inspect every inch of it, I thought to myself for a prototype it looks amazing. The packaging also included a letter to inform you that because this is a prototype you may see some imperfections in the coating used on the door. I did see a couple small blemishes, but this will be rectified by Emblm after they reach their crowd funding goal of $50,000. You ask how will it be rectified? Well in the enclosed letter Emblm noted that when they are able to source the equipment needed to produce the battery doors and cases they will be sending out a completely finished product.

The minor and I do mean minor blemish I saw on the door they sent us is not hindering the use and or visual effects of it. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to customize your BlackBerry this is the way to go!

The battery door/housing (depending on the type of phone) is completely customizable, from personal images (like the NerdBerry guy) to custom colors. Emblm’s website is set up to walk you through the design process from uploading you own images to choosing your own custom colors.


The cost of the door is $29.99 just as much as a decent basic black case. So instead of a black case you have a fully custom battery door to your liking not what other people say you should have. They support iPhone 4 and 4S as well as the BlackBerry Bold, Curve 98xx, Torch 9800/9810. I spoke with them just last week and they are planing on adding some Android devices into the mix as well.

Be sure to check them out: