Atlanta Airport concessionaire set to close BlackBerry Store and replace with Apple Store

We reported some time ago that is was rumored that RIM was looking into closing down their BlackBerry branded store to help with the cost cutting that is currently under way within the company.  It seems that in the case of the Atlanta Airport BlackBerry Store the concessionaire is beating RIM to the punch.

It seems that BlackBerry sales have fallen so drastically that an concessionaire has decided to replace two of their BlackBerry stores with Apple store in the near future.  This is all according to some legislation that is currently sitting in front of the Atlanta City Council.

The joint-venture company wants to close its BlackBerry shops in Concourses A and B, and replace them with Apple resellers, according to supporting documents attached to the legislation that’s before the council.

There is no doubt that Apple Stores will bring in more cash than a BlackBerry store will for the concessionaire, and when money talks this seems like a no brainer decision (even though we are sad to admit that).

Here’s some telling language from the package before the council:

  • “Over the past two years, the BlackBerry Store concept has seen a steady decline in sales. The decline in sales is due to a dramatic shift in the smartphone industry.
  • “BlackBerry’s market share over the last three years has gone from a high of 41 percent in 2009 to a current market share of 8.8 percent. Conversely, the Apple and Android operating systems have experienced an enormous growth in market share, going from 33 percent in 2009 to 82 percent in 2011. This recent success of iPhone, iPad, Apple and Android products has been unprecedented.
  • “After extensive market research and review of the smartphone and mobile electronics industries by Areas ARM, it has been determined that Apple authorized reseller locations are the most advantageous for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
  • “An Apple reseller location is one of the most sought after retail locations for major malls and street locations in the country due to their ability to boast one of the highest per square foot volume numbers of any retailer in the world.”

The Atlanta City Council could vote on the matter as early as Sept. 4. If and when the legislation is approved, it would be sent to Mayor Kasim Reed for his signature.