App Review: eBuddy XMS provides nice cross-platform messaging app

Let’s get real here for a second…. Not everyone you know uses a BlackBerry.  As troubling as that may be, it is reality and it poses a very real problem of how one is to BBM someone who isn’t in the inner circle.  There are a ton of cross-platform messaging apps out there, some are pretty good while others are simply horrible.  One that I had not tried until a few days ago is eBuddy XMS, and app that is available for a wide array of mobile platforms.

Since I don’t like to own any less than two phones, and preferably on different platforms, I was easily able to test out eBuddy XMS, and how well it would compete as a messaging app for those of us used to the glory of BBM.  The app is available for BlackBerry, iOS, Android, WP7, Meego, S40 and S60.  The interface on the BlackBerry is nice and simple and doesn’t overwhelm you at all.  I also found the delivery and syncing of the app to be superbly fast, as close to BBM as anything else on the market (but of course nothing is ever as good as the real thing).

This app also contains all the necessary features that I just can’t live without in a messaging app.  You can do group conversations as well as send pictures, videos and more right from within the app.  In most other cross-platform apps I have tried there always seems to be one thing missing, and I was happy to see that eBuddy XMS contained them all.

The one thing that I did notice was that the iOS version of the app had much more appealing visuals, and hopefully we will see some of the design make its way to the BlackBerry app.  You do however get notification, or read receipt, from the person you are chatting with.  This is a feature that any messaging app has to have in my books.  Another really neat feature is that you can login into eBuddyXMS from your desktop via a Facebook login, this is something that will just make it that much easier to chat with your friends.


All around I found eBuddy XMS to be a very usable alternative to BBM, for when you need to message those friends who just don’t have a BlackBerry.  I didn’t notice any lag whatsoever and the messages sent extremely fast.  I would have no issue spending a dollar or two for an app like this, but the fact that it is FREE makes it all that more impressive.  If you have some friends that are former BlackBerry users, or you have befriended an iOS or Android user, I suggest you all grab a copy of eBuddy XMS and get to it!

You can grab eBuddyXMS for BlackBerry free from AppWorld or get more information on, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments!