RIM suggests using NME for Fast, Native games (without C/C++)

today on the BlackBerry DevBlog, Joshua Granick, made the argument for porting Adobe Air to native speed with NME.  Personally I was unfamiliar with NME, but basically it is a cross-platform framework for rapid game and application development.  Granick makes the argument that developers should really look at NME to get their games ported to BlackBerry 10 with very little work, and with some outstanding results.

The article is a great read, and I suggest you hit up the source link to check it all out, but is an excerpt that shows just how powerful NME can be for developers.

BunnyMark is a popular benchmark for Flash Player. Testing on a BlackBerry® PlayBook™, Adobe AIR rendered 500 bunnies @ 11 FPS. Using NME, the same device rendered an astonishing 5250 bunnies @ 30 FPS. NME applications are significantly faster than AIR (with or without Stage3D) and are comparable to applications built with other native frameworks.

So if you are a developer, or merely interested in the methods that can be used to get some high quality games ported over to BlackBerry 10, hit that link below and let us know hat you think of it all in our comments.

Source:BlackBerry DevBlog