Blackberry 4G Playbook Coming This Week, No 64 GB Models! Blackberry 10 to be Reveled within Month!

Leaky Leaky, with rumors of the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G launching in the US soon, it seems like RIM is getting things lined up for new Blackberry 10 devices within the month. Also with the launch of new Blackberry Playbook 4g models no 64GB version are going to be available, got that? Heres how it all breaks down:

1) The PlayBook 4G will appear later this week.
There will be NO 64GB version (the WiFi-only wanted the apparently not too many people have, so it is only to be released in 16 and 32GB variants)

2) The BlackBerry  OS 10 devices should be “ready” and will be introduced later within a month, however, you want the device to test long enough to the “PlayBook” effect prejudging (the users as beta testers .. )
New launch date is definitely the beginning of 2012 in Canada / U.S., after a normal period of time to the spill to German users

3) It will be definitely a BlackBerry OS 10 device with the good old hardware QWERTY.

4) A 10″  PlayBook is definitely NOT in the work, although should there be any large order for this request, then one will be made whole again.


Thanks @MaxxBerry