KDAB Offers Qt and Cascades Training That Starts in October

KDAB provides QT training sessions and consultation services. Starting on October 8-12th in Berlin and finishing in the Bay Area Oct 22-26th, developers have a chance to attend sessions in Programming with Qt and Cascades for BlackBerry® 10.

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Day 1: Developing user interfaces on the QML level

Introduction to the Momentics development environment
Introduction to the QML language
UX guidelines
Cascades element available in QML
Layout and orientation handling

Day 2: In depth Cascades development

QML Components and lazy loading of elements
Lists in Cascades
Input handling and Gestures

Day 3: C++ refresher & Introduction to Qt

This will be approximately half a day brush up on your C++ knowledge, including discussing differences to Java and introducing smart pointers.
Qt’s object model
Object communication using signals and slots

Day 4: QML/C++ Integration

GUIs are developed in the QML language, while business logic and back-end communication likely reside in C++. This section will teach you how to integrate the two layers
C++ state machines and application life-cycle management
Data sources and models from C++ for lists in QML

Day 5: Platform Integration

Publishing your application to the Blackberry App World store and in-app purchases
Using the device hardware sensors (accelerometer, orientation etc.)
Custom graphics using OpenGL and 2D painting
Network programming

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