RIM CEO Thorsten Heins believes BlackBerry 10 has ‘clear shot’ at being number three

There is no doubt that Android and iOS rule the mobile the world, and that the real fight is for who can hold onto that number three slot.  After holding the BlackBerry Jam Americas keynote and showing off all the new BlackBerry 10 features, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins made it clear that BlackBerry 1o wanted that number 3 position.

Heins made this bold statement tot he press and media in attendance at BlackBerry Jam,

 “We have a clear shot at being the No. 3 platform in the market. Carriers want other platforms. And we’re not just another open platform running on another system. We’re BlackBerry.”

We hope that Heins is right and that BlackBerry 10 is able to help the company regain most of its lost market share, however they are going to have an uphill battle.  As much as BlackBerry diehards like to admit, Windows 8 is going to be an appealing way to go for many enterprise customers when it is released, especially if Microsoft does heavily subsidized deals on hardware for large enterprise customers.

At this point we just have to wait for RIM to finally releases BlackBerry 10 in Q1 of 2013, and hopefully the consumer and enterprise markets will have not already moved on.