RIM’s Developer Relations Team Uses its’ Own Tools, not Toys!

RIM has really been pushing for development, the relationship between RIM and Developer has made thing easier for both parties. RIM is pushing developers to develop using the Blackberry 10 OS and soon to be unreleased Blackberry BlackBerry 10 devices by offering Blackberry Dev Alpha B’s to get thing IN MOTION. RIM is pushing the development, with sessions, from the Blackberry Jam Americas and Thorsten Heins detailed that the company has push out PlayBooks, Dev Alpha, and Dev Alpha B devices to go out to developers to encourage development. Beyond that RIM is using its own tools to develop its applications to show you that it can be done, check out some of the links:

Ryan Robinson is vice-president of Causer Technology, commented on the “beauty” of BB10, “It’s being able to work in all the different frameworks, some very low-level, very powerful ones, and some very high-level simple ones,” he said.

“It just does a lot of the design elements for you very well.”

After giving BB10 Dev Alpha Simulator a test run, he said that the ease of use has definitely improved. “You don’t have to worry about various nitty-gritty things. You just have to worry about your innovation.”

The new versatility of the SDK is much better and easier than that of iOS.

If you are an application developer of any language you can develop for BlackBerry 10, take a plunge.

Remember these are TOOL not TOYS!