Iconify Updated and Goes on Sale for you to Customize Your BlackBerry!

Iconify is a great application that allows you to customize the UI of your BlackBerry, create quick access links to all of your installed applications, your favorite contacts and websites, making you and your BlackBerry more efficient then ever! The newest version has been updated to version and this version is on sale for $1.99! Hit the jump to download, update, or try out Iconify!

Iconify generates 5 different types of linking icons:

  • IconifyDial: for easy and quick access to important contacts
  • IconifyApp: for apps you want to organize in folders but also want high visibility in your main menu
  • IconifyMail: works with email, SMS and BBM
  • IconifyWeb: Link your most-accessed website
  • IconifyFile: Link files of interest that are on your BlackBerry’s on-board memory or micro-SD card

Download Iconifiy FREE 3 linked icons from BlackBerry App World

Download the 15-link version of Iconify from BlackBerry App World

Download the 50-link version of Iconify from BlackBerry App World