No Blackberry Theme Studio 7 And No Blackberry 10 Themes, Confirmed By RIM

Tim N over at the Blackberry Dev Blog confirms what is probably old news, and something most people figured out anyway, but there will be no Blackberry Theme Studio 7. Blackberry OS 7 was released last year and for months and months RIM was saying that Blackberry Theme Studio 7 was coming.. and then it didn’t.

Then he also says that there will be no Blackberry 10 themes:

I’m going to answer both – starting with BlackBerry 10. The short answer is no – there will be no Theme Studio product for BlackBerry 10 and there will be no theme support in the BlackBerry 10 OS. We’ve worked diligently over the last year and a half with our design team to create a new user interface – focused around the idea of “flow”. While there are some great themes built for the current BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10 is designed to provide users a unique experience that can be personalized in other ways, but will have a consistent look and feel in iconography and settings.

It’s not all bad though, because even though there won’t be a theme studio there is something else:

What’s the silver lining? One word – Cascades. The work that you, our theme developers, have done in Theme Studio shows how amazing your creative talents are. We encourage you to unleash that creativity on BlackBerry 10 using Cascades to create stunning UI animations in apps. We have a number of resources on Cascades that can help you, and we encourage you to reach out for support from our dev relations team in our forums, on Twitter®, and at our events.

Sounds like Cascade made themes are more involved, but I imagine they will not be limited.

Read the whole article here.