Former RIM Senior VP of BlackBerry Platform Services, Alan Brenner Gets A New Job With Mocana

There have been lots of people coming and going from RIM for over a year now. Alan Brenner who was a Senior VP got hired by Mocana, who specialize in mobile device security. His new role in the company is senior vice president of products and engineering.

Here’s what the CEO of Mocana had to say about their new addition:

“We are delighted to welcome Alan Brenner to Mocana,” said CEO Adrian Turner. “Alan has deep expertise in building global software platforms for enterprises, and he understands the special role that security plays in gaining broad adoption of these platforms. Security can’t be an add-on. It has to be ‘engineered in’ to the very foundation of these platforms. Mocana, with deep security expertise is uniquely positioned to address this market imperative.”

“The potential of the Internet of Things – including smartphones and tablets – is limited only by our ability to secure it,” said Alan Brenner. “That is an incredibly complex task. Right now, Mocana is way out in front, especially with winners like Mocana’s Mobile App Protection product, that helps enterprises accelerate BYOD deployments by securing their iOS and Android apps without needing access to the source code for the app, and without needing management control of the underlying device. I’m joining Mocana because I think they have the people, the IP and the deep security expertise to make the world of intelligent devices a lot safer, and a lot more interesting.”