BlackBerry Cloud to be like iCloud?

While skimming through some BlackBerry 10 documents, there has been quite a few mentioning of “BlackBerry Cloud”. This is not new news as RIM purchased the cloud service company Newbay a short time back, but with new branding could this be the BlackBerry Business Cloud Service for enterprise? With it would establish a secure link between an organization’s cloud messaging and BlackBerry devices within a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. BlackBerry Business Cloud Services can provide mobile access to the email accounts and organizer data that are part of an organization’s resources.

With the overall outlook on RIM vision for the new BlackBerry Cloud Service could we see the cloud service act much like Apple’s iCloud? Essentially RIM and or the end user could use their cloud space for storage purposes, data backups and or applications, thinking how about Software updates? That is how the iCloud does with its iOS updates. Could we see the cloud service expand beyond the BlackBerry Protect service or would you like to see more from such a service let us know what you think in the comment section below!