Respect the Classics – Pokemon and other GameBoy games at home on your BlackBerry!

BlackBerry OS may be Java based, but who ever said Java was dead? Even now as RIM pushes HTML5 as the future of web apps, there is a common glue and that’s java-script. Even Android uses a customized version of JAVA and Objective C/C++. With that said take your BBOS back to its roots with MeBoy. MeBoy is a Gameboy/Gameboy Color emulator for mobile phones that support mobile java (J2ME). MeBoy is like many other emulators out there where you load up ROMs and get games on your cellular device! MeBoy is a great little app because it allows you to save games even if the game doesn’t necessarily allow that functionality. You can even share your games via Bluetooth for things like backing up, sharing game states, and wirelessly syncing ROMS from your computer to your phone.

There is a big list on that talks about compatible devices you can find that list here. The list hasn’t been updated in some time but JAVA has truly withstood the test of time. My 9900 plays MeBoy just fine, and as devices get better and better so will the playback! Bringing this post round makes me think about QNX and BlackBerry’s commitment to creating a platform for the future. Java served them well even now on our BBOS7 devices. Java still going strong. Respect the classics, BlackBerry is no different, we must always remember which fruit really started the cellular craze.

To download MeBoy you can head here and follow the simply directions on that page. Various ROMS can be found online at sites like these