Take Credit Cards on Your BlackBerry Smartphone by Using Credit Card Machine By Paynet Systems, Inc

If you are looking for a way to process credit cards on your BlackBerry smartphone you do not have to look much further. Paynet Systems, Inc has developed a BlackBerry application that lets you do just that, the app is called Credit Card Machine and is available in App World for free to demo. ‘Credit Card Machine’ offers businesses tools that go beyond simply accepting credit cards. We offer a user experience designed to WOW your customers while simultaneously streamlining your payment needs.

Download our FREE app and DEMO it today. While in demo mode businesses can process cash transactions
and utilize all our apps cash features including personalized emailed receipts, shopping cart, inventory and
customer database!

Call us at 1-800-809-1989 and start accepting credit cards today!


Paynet Systems, established in 1999 and providing services to over 35,000 businesses nationwide, offers the
convenience of accepting credit cards from your BlackBerry, without the expensive monthly fees often
associated with this service. We back this up with our lowest overall cost guarantee.

Our app was a Top 5 Finalist along with companies such as Amazon and eBay for Retail, Shopping and
Commerce app of the year! The App is FREE to download and we can have your account setup the same day
you apply with NO UPFRONT COSTS.

Paynet Systems offers not only the most competitive pricing in the industry but also the most experienced and knowledgeable sales staff. This means your questions will be answered in a thorough and professional
manner. Your sales representatives and technical support are available on-call when you need them. Our
Customer Reviews speak for themselves!!!

Call 1-800-809-1989 to speak with a sales professional today. We will take the time to explain the details and guide you through the activation process. We can have you accepting credit cards today!

Call us at 1-800-809-1989

Application Features:

  • Process credit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®
  • Process and store cash transactions
  • Swipe and Printer Combo – this compact and durable 4”x4” device offers the ultimate in mobile convenience. In addition to swiping credit cards, the device prints paper receipts using a high-speed printer. The device comes with a carrying case, rubber protector, belt clip and paper rolls!
  • Email customized receipts directly to your customer
  • Tip Feature
  • Supports AVS and CVV2 security and fraud detection features
  • Viewable Transaction Log with history details
  • Ability to fully manage your account online
  • Free virtual credit card machine for credit card processing from any connected computer
  • Encrypted and Secure SSL Connection assuring Data Security
  • Touch screen signature on the receipt page
  • GPS transaction locator
  • Customer database allowing you to store customer information for quick data entry
  • Inventory database allowing you to store products and services for quick data entry
  • Fully functional shopping cart allowing for items to be picked from an inventory list and then calculated for checkout. Taxes can also be automatically added. Purchased items will also be individually listed on the emailed receipt

Download our FREE app and DEMO it today!

Paynet Systems Merchant Account Offers:

  • Easy Approval Process
  • No setup fees
  • Guaranteed lowest rates
  • Access to all major credit cards
  • No long term contracts

Why choose Paynet Systems?

  • Paynet Systems utilizes our own payment gateway. You can bypass expensive gateways and third party processors such a Verifone and Authorize.Net
  • Superior 24/7 support Our sales representatives are experienced and knowledgeable. Call us today-you’ll see the difference!
  • Paynet Systems has serviced well over 35,000 businesses nationwide
  • Established and growing since 1999

Call us at 1-800-809-1989

Apply online www.paynetsystems.com

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Head on over to App World for the download.