Twitter to Add its Own Photo Filters much like Instagram!

Twitter Maybe Nesting its own Photo Sharing App Similar to Instagram

It seems that Twitter is spreading its wings slightly a bit to give its mobile application the ability to use filters for your photos and then allow the edited images to be shared via Twitter, peaking at the already infamous, Instagram, the popular photo sharing and filter application. Although it does seem odd that Twitter would implement such a feature it would help their application and the business in the long run.

Earlier in the year FaceBook inked a deal to purchase the said be Instagram application we know today, its speculation has come about whether BlackBerry 10 devices will receive big name applications to its’ platform, by the time of release of the new BlackBerry 10 device and OS hits the market has been in the air.  Instagram, from a trusted source has concluded that the beautiful way to share your world. Fast, free and fun, Instagram client will be on your BlackBerry 10 devices, BlackBerry PlayBook included!

The NY Times stated that, according to one Twitter employee, the company’s V.I.T.’s, or Very Important Tweeters, as they are known internally, usually celebrities and media personalities, would be especially happy to see filters in the Twitter mobile apps. Most V.I.T.’s now use Instagram to take photos, and then share them on Twitter, where they often have a larger following.

Now diverts the attention back to Twitter with the new photo filter application will make it to BlackBerry first or will the Instagram client? Alls well with a little competition.

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