RIM Wants You Showcase Your bbUI.js WebWorks Apps On GitHub

@gcsantiago suggested to Tim Neil from RIM to have developers show off their bbUI.js WebWorks Apps on github.

What he had to say:

I received a great suggestion from @gcsantiago where we could create an area so that people could showcase details about their applications built with bbUI.

This Github Issue will be a place where you can post details about your application, what it does, links to App World or use markdown to reference some screen shots to show off what you’ve done using bbUI. Just add all your details as a comment to this issue.

We want to keep this thread mainly about showcasing your application and not too many back and forth conversations about the applications themselves. Since each post has the github user account of who posted it, feel free to send that github user a message to ask them more about their application.

So if you’ve got an app to show off, head over to github.