Wikitude wins “Best Augmented Reality Developer Tool or Platform” for the second year in a row

Wikitude takes home both “Best Augmented Reality Browser” and “Best Developer Tool or Platform” awards at the Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards 2012.

SALZBURG 06 November 2012 – Wikitude, the world leader in augmented reality experiences is happy to announce their win of both the “Best Augmented Reality Browser” and the “Best Developer Tool or Platform” awards.  These awards were bestowed upon Wikitude at the Augmented Planet event on October 30th, 2012 in London, UK.

Unlike any other industry specific award, the Augmented Planet awards are 100 percent user driven, from potential candidates through winners, the deciding jury is the voting public.  With Wikitude’s “Best Augmented Reality Browser” win, the firm is now a four time winner, receiving the coveted award more times than any other competing augmented reality offering.  Runners up in the competition saw junaio taking second place, and BlippAR third.

As Wikitude continues to refine and improve it’s SDK offering, the “Best Developer Tool or Platform” is a strong affirmation that the company is striking a chord with developers around the globe.  In addition to winning the reader’s choice award for the second year in a row, Wikitude’s technology platform has been put to the test by brands ranging from Xomo Digital and O2 to Research In Motion and

Using familiar languages, developers can quickly and easily get augmented reality experiences up and running.  Through Wikitude’s innovative use of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, developers can dramatically reduce their time to market, and ensure that they’re creating world-class AR experiences with Wikitude’s award winning technology.

The Wikitude SDK has also recently been integrated with popular app building service PhoneGap, and within the next few months, Appcelerator users will find Wikitude’s offerings available within a Titanium module.  With these additions, continual product refinements, and confirmation by the Augmented Planet readership, the Wikitude SDK is the “Best Developer Tool or Platform” on the planet.

“With so many new AR tools and platforms becoming available, being voted Best Augmented Reality Developer Tool or Platform for a second consecutive year by our readers is an amazing achievement. It underlines Wikitude’s commitment to AR and their engagement with the mobile developer community,” comments Augmented Planet’s Lester Madden.

The Augmented Planet Readers Choice award winning augmented reality SDK is available is now available directly from Wikitude