PGZ Space Invaders Game For The Playbook

Fans of Space Invaders will love this updated version for the Playbook. Because there are no buttons on the screen, you get to play it the modern way, touch screen. Great for the nostalgia nerds!

hit the break for a game preview video!

Game Description:

The classic Space Invaders game written to take advantage of todays devices with accelerometers and touch screens.

Complete with infinite levels, accelerometer controls, hi scores, web based global scores and a touch friendly, fluid interface.

Compete against others around the world by uploading your best score to the global table accessible from the main menu.

Use the accelerometer for control of the ship, with tap to fire.

Main menu is the arrow button in the top right or hardware menu button.

Buy PGZ Space Invaders for 99 cents from Blackberry App World.