The Countdown to BB10 Begins with @JCarty’s BB10Countdown

As everyone knows BlackBerry 10 is supposed to be released on January 31st.  If you didn’t already have a timer set up for the release you can now download Kisai Lab’s BB10Countdown app. The app gives you a BBM Avitar that updates each day as it counts down to the release.

You also get a notification on the status bar that counts down the days as well.

Also the app opens up to a screen with snowflakes on it with the countdown in detail.  the snowflakes are adjustable as well so if you are in Florida and these are the only snowflakes you will see jack them up so you can get in the winter spirit.

This is a pretty slick app that @jcarty put together if you would like to download this app you can hit this link and get it now or wait for it to drop in app world.

You can use this app with any Blackberry using OS5 or higher and BBM 6.0 and higher.