Wikitude SDK drives Augmented Reality Apps for BlackBerry 10

There is no doubt that augmented reality apps like Wikitude brought something new and exciting to the BlackBerry platform.  With BlackBerry 10 we are hoping to see further progression on the augmented reality front, and the Wikitude will help developers get there.  The BlackBerry Dev Blog has put together some of the best links and information about using the Wikitude SDK.

Augmented Reality is a way to enhance what you see around you with the use of your mobile phone’s camera, sensors, and location services. If done right, applications of this technology can take the experience of the consumer to an entirely new level. Implementing this technology can be exciting and challenging at the same time. For those seeking a mature solution, we are extremely delighted about the recent announcement on the BlackBerry® 10 support for the Wikitude SDK.

For all the information on the Wikitude SDK for BlackBerry 10 head on over to the BlackBerry Dev Blog.