BlackBerry App World Now Lists “All Touch” Device in Compatibility View!

Earlier this year RIM opened up BlackBerry App World for developers to start submitting their apps for the new BlackBerry 10 devices. Currently the BlackBerry Dev Alpha Devices have the accessibility to the new BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry 10. However, it seems that RIM has already hinted at the new BlackBerry 10 devices in the ‘View compatible BlackBerry smartphones’ section for apps.

For example when you the Tropical Mania game for the BlackBerry PlayBook, shows its compatible for the “All Touch” Device? The BlackBerry L and N Series from the leaks we have seen are slated to be both all touch devices, as they do not have a optical trackpad for navigation. With the quiet update to BlackBerry App World, January 30 just can not get here quick enough!!!