BlackBerry Patagonia 9620 Headed to Nextel Mexico

Just the other day we told you about the unannounced BlackBerry 9620 headed to Nextel Mexico in December, we now have more information about this 9620. The actually name of the device is BlackBerry Patagonia 9620, The Patagonia 9620 is rocking OS 7.1, 5 MP camera with flash, 2GB on board memory and a slew of other goodies like Qualcomm’s QChat PTT Client! We did hit the nail on the head with…

“if you look close st the image it does appear to have a PTT or Push to Talk button on the side of the device.” Let us know what you think about the BlackBerry Patagonia 9620 in the comments.

Learn more on Nextel Mexico’s BlackBerry 9620 sign up page.

Image via: CB