QuickBerry Podcast Episode 23: Featuring @sleepy2009, @jmznvs, @jt_teran and Uwe

@BBSuperAbuser is at it again in this week’s episode of the QuickBerry podcast he talks to James (@jmznvs) and myself Art (@sleepy2009) from NerdBerry,  JT (@jt_teran) from BlackBerryOS and from Uwe (pronounced Oovah) from BlackBerryBase. We cover all sorts of topics related to BlackBerry from Speculation: RIM implemented the Android Runtime to ‘Force’ Developers onto BlackBerry 10 , RIM strategically tracking the source of Android for BB10 , to QNX sought out RIM, not the other way around and may others! I must say we had an awesome time covering the news, rumors and speculations with some great people and cannot wait until we do it again! Hit the break to listen to the full podcast courtesy of QuickBerry!

This episode runs over twice as long as past episodes, but the discussion and BlackBerry themed music are definitely worth it!

Riz – Ping Me Baby (One More Time)

MikelCal – Don’t Drop The BlackBerry

Swindoe – B.L.K. Berry

JJ Money feat. Reema Major – SwagBerry

Listen to the QuickBerry Episode 23