Verizon Wireless Has Opt In Free Advertising

Verizon Wireless has started opt-in free advertising. You will get sent an email or text and you can choose whether or not to receive the advertising.

Beginning this week, Verizon Wireless plans to reach out to some of its consumer customers asking them to opt-in to participate in a new initiative called Verizon Selects, which is part of the company’s Precision Marketing portfolio. Verizon Wireless will offer customers who opt-in to Verizon Selects a coupon or some other form of reward, most likely from a popular retailer, in exchange for their participation. If a customer chooses not to opt-in, absolutely nothing about their relationship with us changes. Customers are not part of Verizon Selects unless and until they opt-in.

Is it worth the reward? I am not sure, I guess it would depend on how often these advertisements were sent and what the reward was.

More info on it here.