Bryan Lee, Senior Director Of Enterprise At RIM Discusses Preparing Enterprises For BlackBerry 10

Earlier today, we let you know about the Blackberry 10 Ready Program. Bryan Lee, who is Senior Director of Enterprise at RIM weighed in on the preparation of Enterprise.

He said that the four pillar approach that RIM is using to get companies and government organizations ready for BlackBerry 10. RIM is hoping to have Enterprise ready for launch day and not after the devices launch which is when it normally happens.

RIM is doing something extreme by offering companies the ability to trade up their licenses to BlackBerry 10 for free and not only that, but also giving a free BlackBerry 10 smartphone to enterprises with Advantage support contracts that install BlackBerry Mobile Fusion and attend some free training. That’s a lot to give away, RIM is really taking a chance on that one.

Lee could not comment on plans for corporate liable market but he did say that RIM has a plan for all of their customers in the works. .