NerdBerry Interview with Freelance Designer Andre Weier @Nalindesign

NerdBerry sat down to discuss with up and coming BlackBerry Dev Andre Weier about his recent exposure to the BlackBerry Platform and his experiences transitioning his Flash games to the PlayBook and subsequently BlackBerry 10! We asked 8 questions and got 8 great answers. We talk BlackBerry, BETA opportunities, the launch of Flakes in BlackBerry App World and much more. You can find the interview transcript after the break, as well as links to his works.

    We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to discuss your works with the NerdBerry team. We have demoed your flakes HD application and are pleased with the user interface and simple nature of the game. Anyone can pick it up, understand it and enjoy it. I’ll preface the interview by asking you to answer the questions as truthfully as possible. Some questions regard your experiences developing for the BlackBerry platform, and we want the unwatered down truth of it 🙂

1) The flakes HD project is your first foray into BlackBerry App World, how was developing specifically for the PlayBook?

A: Once I got used to the signing and packing process it was all straight forward.
The game looks really beautiful on the PlayBook screen and runs very smooth!

2) On your website you showcase a lot of your freelance work including some for desktop, flash, and graphic design. Was flakes a port from another platform like flash? How did you bring it to BlackBerry? 

A: Yes, the app is built with Flash CS 6 and published with AIR.
I used the BlackBerry Graphical Aid to package and sign it for the App World.

3) Having a wide variety of experience to pull from, what drew you to app development for BlackBerry as opposed to another platform like Windows 8, Android or iOS?

A: I like the way BlackBerry supports its developers and the helpful community.

4) With the uncertaintly around RIM/BlackBerry 10 what’s your opinion on the overall state of the platform as it stands today?

A: I think RIM/BlackBerry are doing a great job. They got me pretty excited about BlackBerry 10!

5) Does flakes success in BlackBerry ‘World’ determine whether you will bring other projects over?

A: I will bring more casual games to the BlackBerry World within the next months.
You can become a beta tester for them! Just leave me your email here:

6) To my understanding you reside in Germany. How is the BlackBerry brand perceived in your country opposed to the other phone makers?

A: Yes, I’m living Germany. Most people I know recognise BlackBerry as a brand for business people only.

7) With the 9 years experience you have in graphic design and web design, which language do you find yourself utilizing most?

A: I’m creating all my apps and games with Adobe AIR / ActionScript 3.

8) What phone(s) do you currently use as your main line?

A: Currently I’m using a couple of phones for debugging my apps and games on. The main ones are a Motorola Milestone and iPhone.
The one I’m really looking forward to is the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device! 🙂

There you have it! Thank you for your time Andre!
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Lastly is a sneak-peak of Andre’s next app AudioTennis for PlayBook !