BlackBerry Launches First Tech Center in Brazil

The first BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil is designed to help students and developers take advantage of the growing global mobile ecosystem

São Paulo, Brazil – December 11, 2012 – As part of the BlackBerry® Academic Program, a global outreach and support program aimed at students and mobile application developers, BlackBerry® maker Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) is opening the doors of its first BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil today. The program will serve a dual purpose: to provide ongoing training and the space and resources necessary to help students and developers create and test new mobile applications, and to nurture their entrepreneurship by helping to generate business opportunities for them.

“This is an important milestone in the global Tech Center program that started several months ago. Brazil has one of the most active and passionate developer communities and the first BlackBerry Tech Center will give students and professors the opportunity to become specialists on the BlackBerry 10 platform. The center will be able to provide support to developers around the country and help generate new business opportunities focused on app development,” said Demian Borba, BlackBerry Developer Evangelist for Brazil at RIM.

Maceió – Alagoas will be home to the new BlackBerry Tech Center, the first such center in Brazil, providing students and the developer community in the country with access to equipment, test applications, expert developer and technical support, and training. Developers will also be able to participate in a variety of activities and get familiar with cutting-edge wireless technology and the tools to help them develop applications and start their own business.

“The opening of the first BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil reaffirms RIM’s commitment to the country. We are looking to tap into the large talent in Brazil and invite them to come innovate with us to create the future of mobile computing,” said Joao Stricker, Managing Director for Brazil at RIM. “By offering training and tools, a unique combination of startup culture and product excellence, we are supporting the innovation of the mobile developer ecosystem in Brazil.”

Through the BlackBerry Academic Program, RIM is committed to strengthening the information technology industry in Brazil, broadening and empowering the local developer community, and fostering the skills and competitiveness of local providers. The project is intended to drive innovation, increase the number of local BlackBerry platform developers, and nurture local businesses growth and entrepreneurship.

The BlackBerry Tech Center will be located at Federal University of Alagoas. It will be open weekdays, has complete office facilities, and staffed by specialized technicians who can provide support to developers working on the BlackBerry platform.