Photo Wrap Up: BlackBerry 10 ‘L Series’ Along Side Competition

We’ve seen plenty of great hi-res shots of the L-series BlackBerry 10 phone set to launch along side N-Series QWERTY on January 30th, 2013, but the first BB10 full touch device has made its rounds posing for pictures aside its competitors. Last night we got a great image of the BlackBerry 10 L next to the iPhone 5 both powered up and both showing how very different they are. With a larger screen and better resolution the L-Series really looks like it out matched the iPhone 5 in both industrial design and size. The consumer will have their choice of phones come 2013! Rumors are we may be seeing a 5S launching in June 2013 maybe the competition is getting worried about BlackBerry 10 knocking it out of the park. Hit the break so see all the collected pictures of the L-Series vs the competitors